Monday, October 25, 2010

Three Generations

Do I say that I'm honored to take a family's pictures too much? Well, sorry if that's the case, but I really was honored recently to take pictures of Melissa's family, her sister's family, and their parents. Here's why: Melissa and I have known each other for 15 years; we met in college. She's from California, I'm from Kentucky, the college was in Florida. We reconnected again in Georgia. And here's what's EVEN COOLER: Her parents went to school with my parents back in the '60's. So I was SO excited when she told me she wanted pictures of all of them.

Here are a few of my favorites--isn't autumn the perfect time for family pictures?


Melissa and her sister.  Aren't they pretty?
Brothers... sisters... cousins... friends.
There's something about Hayes... you can just tell he's a sweetheart of a guy.
And she's a beauty!
P, as her parents call her.  I call her Q.  And T.

Seriously, Melissa, it was an honor.  I love your family--all three generations!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Baby Cade

I had the honor--and I mean that--the honor, of photographing sweet baby Cade last week.  His family and my family go back now for three generations, so it's special that Cade's parents wanted me to document his sweeeeet newborn-ness.  Poor sweetpea has some pretty serious tummy troubles, and he liked to gnaw on the blanket:

We did manage to coax him into being pleasant... and I have a feeling he's got some deep thoughts knocking around behind those eyes...

Isn't his mama a looker?

Here's big brother Lawson.   I've had the pleasure of photographing him several times and always like playing with him.  He's my buddy.

Baby fingers!  Who can resist the baby fingers? Not I...

This foot is destined to wear some kind of cleat or athletic shoe at some point (Dad played college baseball), but for now... it does not get sweeter than these nekkid baby toes.

Thanks baby Cade... for being so sweet and easy to work with! Kisses for you!


Thursday, May 6, 2010


I have actually known Abby and TJ since 2007, when we first met to discuss me photographing their wedding.  Their 2008 wedding was the first I did after the birth of my second child Roxy, so it is extra special to me that they called me to document Abby's own pregnancy and their newborn baby, once he or she arrives (they're not finding out the gender AND not telling anyone possible names, which I find really romantic).

It's always thrilling to see a couple who are as happy to be expectant parents as they were to be a giddy bride or groom.  I'd say Abby and TJ fit the bill on that front:

Isn't Abby lovely?

As a bride, Abby was way ahead of her time in wanting her wedding to be as environmentally friendly as possible.  So you can imagine how excited she is about the 'greening' of her baby's room!

And what's more green--or more special--than using her own baby blanket, made by her doting aunties, for her little bundle?
One last one--just cause it's so sweet:
 Congratulations, Abby and TJ... and enjoy these last few weeks as a twosome!  I can't wait to meet your child!


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Annaleigh Faith

I was delighted to receive a call last week to photograph baby Annaleigh Faith.  I know and adore her Auntie Cathryn so I was excited to spend a little time with this sweet little two-month old and her parents Amanda and Mike.  Baby Annaleigh has some sweet digs to call home, so we'll start there.  Check out the flowers above her crib...


Her aforementioned Auntie apparently whipped out this little crocheted banner in no time at all.   That makes me jealous of her talents, but I like her anyway.
Pretty birdies in a nest...
And now on to the main event... Annaleigh was sooooo patient and sweet, especially for a hungry nekkid baby.  She barely complained at all, and seemed quite interested in me.  I think it's because we have something in common... we are both preacher's kids.  It's a good bond to have.
She gets lots of kisses from her mama...
Adorable in her li'l pink hat.
Her daddy caught her eye and amused her for a bit.
Sweet, sweet family.
Daddy's hand... so big and protective of this sweet thing.
Playin' with daddy.
Thanks for sharing time with me, my fellow PK Annaleigh!  You are a blessing to your family!

Dolcemente, Lindsay

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Anniversary to US!!!

A year ago today I walked in to a particularly cute little Starbucks to meet my friend Jessica. She had an idea for a new photography company and wanted to talk to me about it. I was all dressed up. I had on a really cute denim bubble skirt and my adorable yellow shoes. I had my laptop and smartphone all ready to do SERIOUS BUSINESS with my SERIOUS PHOTOGRAPHER FRIEND Jessica.

I'm pretty sure she stifled a laugh when she saw me. She just wanted to talk about this idea, for this specialty photography company that wasn't like anything else in Atlanta children's photography. And she wanted to have fun.

And we did have fun. A lot of fun. But we also started to do some serious work on this little portrait party idea. Within a month we had a business plan, a name, and a logo, plus a party on the schedule.

We launched SweetSnaps less than two months after that first meeting. We started booking parties and got so much support from businesses like Chocolate Pink and Greene's Fine Foods. We merged our wedding businesses under Sublime a month after that. We were on TV. We were published. And published. And published again. We traveled. We got coverage in Daily Candy and, well sort of all over the place. Amazing.

In short, we've been blown away with how well-received this idea was, this idea that barely existed a year ago. And how much support we've gotten from family, friends, and cheerleaders we didn't even n. And how happy people are to have beautiful memories of their children.

So today we celebrate out anniversary, sort of.  The paper anniversary--maybe the photographic paper anniversary?  It's been a GREAT year.  And there's still so much more to do--so many more people who need SweetSnaps in their lives.  So, onward!

And Jessica, it's okay if you still laugh a little when I'm overdressed. It happens alot, so I'm used to it. And I still love you.


Monday, December 14, 2009

SweetSnaps: As Seen on Daily Candy!

We got a great early Christmas present this morning when, lo and behold, we found SweetSnaps featured on Atlanta's Daily Candy Kids edition. They even wrote a poem about us! Color us flattered--who knew that we would inspire art? You can check out the poem here, or below:

If you're not familiar with Daily Candy, then we suggest you get familiar with them! Sign up for their newsletter to get the second-sweetest treat in your inbox (the sweetest of all being portrait parties and children's portraits from SweetSnaps, of course.) Here's a little more about them, from their site.

"DailyCandy is dedicated to helping you live the sweet life. DailyCandy editors scour the corners of the U.S. and London to deliver the very best in style, food, fashion, and fun for free via e-mail, video, and the Web. Want the latest and greatest? Sign up for the DailyCandy e-mail. Need help navigating your city? Visit, the new one-stop for what to do, shop, see, and eat in your city and beyond. It’s your life -- curated by DailyCandy.

DailyCandy distributes 3 million e-mail subscriptions via 28 editions, including 13 daily editions covering New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Dallas, London, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Philadelphia, Miami, Seattle, and Everywhere (a national edition featuring online picks) and 15 weekly editions comprising 12 local Kids editions (published Mondays); a national Kids edition (Thursdays); DailyCandy Travel (Wednesdays); and DailyCandy Deals (Tuesdays), which features special sales (always at least 25% off!) and promotions exclusively for DailyCandy subscribers. DailyCandy is a unit of Comcast Interactive Media."

Thanks for featuring us, Daily Candy!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tastebooks Leave a Sweet Taste in Our Mouths!!!

My friend Kristiana recently called me over for a serious powwow on one of the coolest gift ideas I've seen in a long time. TasteBook is a fabulous company that allows you to create your own personalized cookbook.

Now, I'm a total foodie and I'm always ripping new recipes out of magazines or printing them off the web. I also have a collection of hand-written recipes that are constantly getting misplaced--some of them are in my grandmother's handwriting and my heart always stops a bit when I can't put my hands on them immediately.

In other words, my recipe collection is a mess.

Enter TasteBook. On their site, you can make your own books of your favorite recipes. First you pick a pretty cover, and I must say their photography choices are really beautiful. Then you enter your own recipes and directions, or search from the archives of Food Network, Better Homes & Gardens, Epicurious or a number of other great cooking sites. TasteBook saves them in your account, publishes the book and sends it right to your door. It's so easy to buy identical copies or to mix things up and personalize each one.

What a great option for Christmas or anniversary or really, any other special occasion! Merging all your family recipes is a great way to make an heirloom, and these are really beautiful enough to be handed down generation-to-generation. You can do a dedication page and they come gorgeously wrapped. Try it... tastes good to me!